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Amy Andrews -  Marketing Web Developer

Hi! I am a front end web and email developer who loves developing themes, websites, landing pages, and blogs in HubSpot and WordPress, performing website and email QA testing, SEO optimization, and helping other developers. I have 9 years experience with HubSpot CMS development and 16+ years experience as a WordPress web developer, web project manager, and HTML email developer.

I provide these website services:

HubSpot & WordPress Web Development

I love building custom websites, themes, and landing pages in HubSpot CMS and WordPress. I also can help setup your HubSpot CMS web and email settings, system templates, and blogs.

Need training instead? I can also train you how to use HubSpot CMS and WordPress to build and update websites!

Web Quality Assurance

I perform extensive QA testing on websites, landing pages, and emails. I can also QA HubSpot website setup and settings.

Technical SEO & Web Analytics

I perform technical SEO audits on your website and then send you a list of suggested fixes and the cost to fix them. I can also set up and write meta tags, alt tags, etc. and make sure they are used correctly on your website. I also make sure that your website page urls make sense to Google and use Google Analytics to make sure your website is functioning properly and where it can be improved!

Website Setup and Migrations

I can help set up new websites or migrate your website from one platform to another. A lot of my work is setting up HubSpot to match your current website so that you can take advantage of all the awesomeness that HubSpot has to offer!

Website Troubleshooting

Does your HubSpot or WordPress website have broken custom modules, need more features added or still use old drag and drop templates? I can convert them to use the newest custom theme which will make your overall website easier to update and faster.

Email Setup & Development

As an expert in email development, I know that it is way different than coding websites and can help with HubSpot email template builds, campaign setups, A/B Testing, and workflows as well.

Need a service that isn't listed here? I do a lot more so just contact me and ask!

Let’s Work Together!


I specialize in building websites, coding HTML emails in a variety of CRMs, web server setup and migrations.

Please fill in the form to contact me if you would like to setup a project or hourly work!